27 juillet 2010

Play Snake while waiting videos load on YouTube!

Little things like this make me excited! I discovered this YouTube 'Easter Egg' through a YouTube video itself and I find it cool as hell.  One can play Snake - the Arcade Game - on a YouTube player.

This is super simple.  You just have to start the video loading (i.e. press play) and pause.  Normally, you should press the up and left arrows on your keyboard simultaneously for 2 seconds but for me, it also works by pressing the left arrow only.

It only works on the new YouTube video player - which is the player by default for videos without annotations and/or ads since April 2010 - and not on embedded videos.  I tried to play a video while playing Snake to see if it would go away...  I could still play Snake on a playing video!  I know, this part is pointless but exciting to me.

To sum it up, there now is a simply extraordinary feature on YouTube.  While waiting for you videos to load, instead of admiring yourself in a mirror and having a conversation with your willy, you can now play Snake! Woot Woot!