30 juin 2010

Gender: The 'Trans' Type

Today is the last day of the LGBT Pride Month. Having voiced out my opinion and social S.O.S. more than once concerning how homosexuals and bisexuals are perceived and treated, I thought I would dedicate this post to the last letter, to the 'T' for Transgender.

I shall start by quoting myself (lol):
In my belief, it has nothing much to do with sexual orientation; in our World today Transgender people are having much harder times than homosexuals and bisexuals.

Let us make it clear, we are talking about gender identity here, not sexual orientation!  A transgender person can hence, by definition, be heterosexual, homosexual or any other of the long list of sexual orientation variations.  Gender identity, contrariwise to sexual orientation, is not developed as one grows up but part of one's identity since one's birth.  This is why I do not wish to do the gross amalgamation.

A transgender person is one whose biological sex and gender do not match.  It is like being imprisoned in someone else's physical body.  It is a situation difficult to accept and extremely difficult to live with in itself, without having to face society's hatred.

The condition of transgender people being physical, in most cases circumstances make it more visible than sexual orientation.  This brings along more hatred.  I guess I would not be able to conceive how hard it feels to be a transgender in the World we live in and most of all in the country I live in.  Transgender people whose 'condition' is obvious are pin-pointed at and laughed at in public as if it was normal to do so.

I once stumbled on this Tyra Banks Show where her guests were transgender kids.  I think this is worth watching and demonstrates how being transgender is not caused by a "terrible childhood", by adolescent rebellion or any other psychological or psychiatric disorder.  These kids are transgender and have always felt like that even before being exposed to the gender and sexual orientation issues prevailing in society.

This is part one, the other parts are in the 'related videos' when watched on YouTube.

There you go, I hope those who knew what Transgender was only through some offensive caricature until now have been able to have their minds and mindsets widened.

As I mentioned earlier, no matter how empathic I can get, I do not think I would be able to conceive how hard it feels to grow up Transgender in this World.  This is why I wish to conclude with this song called "For today, I'm a boy" performed by "Antony and The Johnsons".  It gives me goose bumps, transmitting a deep and acute feeling which is a million times better than words.


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Photo: lezgetreal.com