15 mai 2010

NON-Christmas ad of the BAI

I had written this blog post in December 2009.  It is about a billboard ad of the British American Insurance.  I did not publish it as I didn't find the picture of the billboard ad after having written the blog post.  I roamed around, browsed the web but could not find it and thought that publishing this post would be useless without illustration!  I am publishing it today though as those who had  mentally pictured the ad will find it relevant and hopefully, I shall find the picture somewhere and bring back the real meaning of the blog post thanks to the precious missing illustration!

Hats off to the publicists of BAI(British American Insurance) on the very last end-of-year advert!  It actually is a brilliant billboard ad.

As it is the case for many companies, it is presently the time to have christmas and new year oriented advertisements.  This year, even the Blood Donors Association had a sensitising billboard ad based on the christmas celebrations.  One could think that it would be the most random thing to have christmas billboard adverts for an insurance in December.  However, in this case it is not so banal and the ad is a christmas one, without being a christmas one...

First of all, we know that BAI is owned and managed by an openly practicing muslim family.  We also know that christmas is not celebrated in Islam.  Also, BAI celebrated its 40 years this year.  An anniversary which made the pride of the company and which was greatly publicised a few months ago.

Above is the billboard ad.  It is an obvious christmas ad as we can see the glittery outline of half of a christmas tree and the pointsettia leaves on the top right of the billboard.  I mean, these are more than symbols of christmas!

However, having look at the content of the ad, we observe that not a single word is about christmas wishes.  The message is one of thanks to the customers on its 40 anniversary.  I just find it amazing how the set, mood and atmosphere of the moment are felt in the ad; and this, respecting the islamic rules!

That's business! That's some awesome juggling skills! Brilliant!