26 mai 2010

Intellectual Quotient

Are you an Einstein or a dummy who won't be able to do anything good of her/his life? That is what people expect to know from their Intellectual Quotient.  Even some psychologists give such value to the IQ.  But really, what is it?

15 mai 2010

NON-Christmas ad of the BAI

I had written this blog post in December 2009.  It is about a billboard ad of the British American Insurance.  I did not publish it as I didn't find the picture of the billboard ad after having written the blog post.  I roamed around, browsed the web but could not find it and thought that publishing this post would be useless without illustration!  I am publishing it today though as those who had  mentally pictured the ad will find it relevant and hopefully, I shall find the picture somewhere and bring back the real meaning of the blog post thanks to the precious missing illustration!

Hats off to the publicists of BAI(British American Insurance) on the very last end-of-year advert!  It actually is a brilliant billboard ad.

13 mai 2010

La parole aux cons?

Titre prétentieux pour une réflexion banale.  Les cons - ceux sur le web, ceux qui téléphonent pour radoter aux émissions radios, ceux qui ne savent pas de quoi ils parlent et ne font aucunement avancer les débats - devrait-on leur donner la parole?