14 février 2010

The sweet twitter couple

MetroBoy is a man of word.  A few months ago he tweeted that he’ld write this present post on his blog and you can read that he indeed did!

Today is Valentine’s day!  I had said that I would blog about the fabulous love story of our sweet twitter couple if I was single on February 14.  I indeed am single and indeed am pretty much inspired by the work of cupid on twitter between Houzhou and Sjdvda.

Over the hills and far away, in the twittosphere, Sjdvda and Houzhou met each other.  They form the perfect twitter couple.  They are both of the same age and same school year.  Did we have mixed state schools in Mauritius, they would have been in the same school by hook or by crook.  Regionalisation would not stand their attraction.

This is so twitterific!  They got to know each other, found themselves to have stuff in common.  Blebon even found both of them to be the twitter star students!

We all remember when they met each other in real life.  They had found they were at the same restaurant and tweeted each other!  They overcame their shyness and kind of got to talk to each other, though they were pretty embarrassed. So sweet!

This romance is so sweet, exceptional, a real example of pure love! J

I cannot recall when this prank started but I definitely recall the bliss I had of seeing all the RTs.  Keep on rocking tweepiz of my heart!  Houzhou and Sjdvda will always be MY favourite twitter couple… They are so rcking nice individually and sweet and lovely together!

Long live our sweet twitter couple!  Long live crazy people who do not take things at face value on the twittosphere! ;)


P.S. Tushal: just cool down, stop being jealous!  You shall soon get laid …or not!
Sjdvda:  yes, my mind is completely fucked up!
Houzhou:  well, I guess you're used to it by now and this had to be the cherry on the cake!