02 février 2010

On honeymoon...

Hey Sweetiz, hey tweepiz!

At the moment this post is published, if the plane did not crash or whatsoever I'm on honeymoon! ...with myself!!!! And this is so exciting!

Well I'm farther than Ile aux Aigrettes and closer than the Vanuatu Islands!

I am having a break for quite a few days as I really needed to breathe some fresh air before getting to some sort of new routine and kick-start it all.

I mean crazy as I am and as I take bulky and stressful challenges, I've got to do the necessary on time before getting to a nervous breakdown.  Believe me, one is never too young to get insane out of stress!

So, hopefully I have got the exact room I wanted to have.  I had phoned the hotel and the guy over the phone said it was currently used but they would try to work things out.

And well, at the moment I'm probably having an awesome threesome with me, myself and I!

Peace out peeps of my heart,