23 février 2010

My perspiration

Hey Sweetiz, hey Tweepiz!

(Headnote: I am not drunk when writing this, I am just saying!)

I completely fell in love with my sweat and I thought I had to share that.  Well, it's not because I got to learn about how great and important sweating is for my health.  I already knew that.  What really made me fall in love with my perspiration is the smell... Is it getting gross?

Let me explain clearly.  We all know how stereotipical the bad smell of sweat is.  The fact is that different people, according to their lifestyle and some other biological stuff have different perspiration odours.  Also, there are people who sweat a lot, others - not so much.

I have always been into sports and know very well how the locker room of the gym stinks during peak hours or how disturbing it can get to be next to your martial art partners after a two to three-hour training session.  Sure, it's gross.  Actually, after the training session, one pretty much has some warm steam from his chest coming to his face through the v-neck of the kimono.  All these never grossed me out though, I mean that's sports! (Yeah I said it's gross but it doesn't gross me out and I do feel coherrent in my words)

I do not sweat a lot.  I seldomly get my whole shirt wet after harsh physical efforts.  But well, I realised that my own perspiration smell never disturbed me as others' sweat odours generally did.  I found out that I pretty much loved mine!  Yes, this might seem totally surprising but I feel there's something really nice about it.  It could be some great mixed sophisticated raw fragrance!

This is quite a weird situation and I feel that maybe it's just instinctive.  It might be that no one is actually disturbed by her/his own transpiration's odour.  And this secretion could be bringing to one some emotional security, simply by coming from oneself and she/he liking it.  I mean, it's really not like I am an 'underarm fetichist' or whatever!  Another possible explanation to that would be that it's because I am a weird narcissist.  I personally believe the truth is a combination of these two possibilities.

What about you? Ever pondered about your very own perspiration? Like it? ...or not?

Yeah, I sweat some weirdo hot fragrance...


Tip: Antiperspirant deodorants are bad for health, they actually block your pores which prevent a proper "breathing" and body temperature regulation. Use deodorants with no "antiperspirant" written on it!  Sadly, most deo roll-ons are antiperspirant.

Photo: shameber.wordpress.com *I find this really funny*