23 février 2010

My perspiration

Hey Sweetiz, hey Tweepiz!

(Headnote: I am not drunk when writing this, I am just saying!)

I completely fell in love with my sweat and I thought I had to share that.  Well, it's not because I got to learn about how great and important sweating is for my health.  I already knew that.  What really made me fall in love with my perspiration is the smell... Is it getting gross?

19 février 2010

1 femme par circonscription - FAIL

J'en ai entendu parlé depuis quelques mois maintenant et vu l'affiche il y a quelques jours.  Ça y est, la campagne de WIN (Women in Networking) à travers la branche WIP (Women in Politics) a belle et bien commencé, personne ne peut la râter!  Ce que veut le WIP est simple et clair: il faut y avoir une femme sur les trois candidats par circronsption aux prochaines éléctions générales.  Simple, clair et aussi arriéré à mon avis...

14 février 2010

The sweet twitter couple

MetroBoy is a man of word.  A few months ago he tweeted that he’ld write this present post on his blog and you can read that he indeed did!

Today is Valentine’s day!  I had said that I would blog about the fabulous love story of our sweet twitter couple if I was single on February 14.  I indeed am single and indeed am pretty much inspired by the work of cupid on twitter between Houzhou and Sjdvda.

13 février 2010

L'intello qui n'aimait pas l'école...

Cette histoire est mon histoire, celle de ma relation assez particulière avec l’institution sociale appelée école.  Ce n’est pas facile de livrer des années de hauts, de bas et de combats dans un article.  J’espère quand même arriver à être plus ou moins cohérent pour au final apporter du raffinement au tableau de ma personalité, mes valeurs, mon vécu, mes convictions que j’esquisse petit à petit sur ce blog.

08 février 2010

Why can't I love a "he"?

In Mauritius, it is pretty simple, homosexual relationships are hardly accepted socially and crypto-not accepted legally. I used “crypto” as being homosexual is not exactly punishable by law but physically expressing your feelings for a person of the same sex is. On the matter of homosexual relationships, we are living in an era of archaism worldwide and that’s a painful reality!

05 février 2010

Incredible Indian Culture!

The Indian Culture is a quite enigmatic one for us, Mauritians. The Mauritian society is made up of a majority of practising hindus. Hindus, whom we associate to the Indian Culture, but who do not always represent the proper culture. Apart from this local representation, we know of Indian Culture through the occidental eyes. India and its weird gods and goddesses, a strong patriarchy with archaic beliefs and practices. But that’s all on the surface, how about the essence of it all?

02 février 2010

On honeymoon...

Hey Sweetiz, hey tweepiz!

At the moment this post is published, if the plane did not crash or whatsoever I'm on honeymoon! ...with myself!!!! And this is so exciting!