02 janvier 2010

Top 5 Reasons To Stop Following Me On Twitter!

So you want to be sure if the decision is worth it before unfollowing me?  This might help you!

1.  If you are weirdophobe and/or eccentricophobe
If you cannot stand people significantly weird and different from the 'norms'.  I act weirdly, I think weirdly, I do weird things and I tweet weird things weirdly!  They might seem incoherent to some extent.

2.  If you expect a specific behaviour
One is only deceived when she/he has expectations.  If you expect me to fit a certain ideal that you have of this or that type of person, you shall definitely get sick of me at some point because I simply don't fit any of your ideals (I don't even fit any specific of my ideals!).  An example is that I am as smart as I am dumb and I'm totally proud of it!

3.  If you hate narcissism and/or sex
These are the two main themes of all my tweets.  I am self-absorbed as much as I am sex-absorbed.  No, I'm not a freaky pervert.  I'm just cool with myself, my self-perception, my body, my interaction with others, my sexuality.  And I worship nudity! (not that you'll find pictures of me naked, NO!)

4.  If you take everything at face value
I could write paragraphs and paragraphs.  But well!  I'm not the kind of book you can judge by its cover, it takes you months and years to get to feel the essence out of me.  In every single whatever emanating from me is found a piece of me, but it cannot be seen on the outside.  You chose to see it as wrapped or as trapped!

5.  If we were cool friends but you think it better not to be friends anymore and prefer silence to a face to face discussion.
I mean, for some people, unfollowing a friend can be a cool way to anounce that she/he is retiring from that relationship!