25 novembre 2009

Twitterization of the web

Just an observation I guess we have all made.  This "twitterization" phenomenon of the whole web.  The social networks some to be catching the twitter virus.  After the Facebook tagging, Youtube als introduced @mentions and hash-tags!

I simply find it amazing how a sole network is able to influence the others.  Even facebook, known for it's conservatism - to keep all things straightforward, basic and simple for the users, absorbed the twitter practices.

The only thing missing about Facebook though is the hash-tags.  I mean, serisously!  It would have been awesome if a hash-tag could make the following word a search item on Facebook.  I'ld have totally loved that!  Most of all, when we know that Facebook's search engine includes posts from friends and other web pages in the results!!

With all the fuss twitter has made, I'm just wondering what will the other BIG thing kicking twitter in the butt be! :P