23 novembre 2009


Hey Sweetiz! Hey Tweepiz!

Comparing the stage I am in my  life to the creation of a video, I'ld say that I have crossed the conception, recording & realisation, import to hard disk and editing.  I also feel like I have just completed the creation of it all, I am at the 'finalizing' step.  I will then be left with the "export to website", which I guess will be the most difficult part and the lengthiest one too.  This because of the internet connection speed beyond my control (try to understand the metaphor guys! lol) and because Youtube gets annoying at times.

But we aren't there yet.  I just thought I'ld share one of the things comprised in the 'finalizing process'.  This week, I am going to write a few letters!  Just as in the good all time with my feather pen by candlelight, sealed with a red candle!! Well, let's get serious (or at least try), I have shortlisted names of people who have been of a significant positive influence/importance in my life since my kindergarten years.  I have got about twelve names.  These range from a kindergarten teacher to people I got to know only a couple of years ago, from people with whom I'm still in touch to people I have lost sight of, from people in Mauritius to people abroad, from people still alive to those who passed away.

I am going to write a letter to each one of them.  This, because I think it really important to express how grateful I am to what have brought into my life as they all helped shaping me in some significant way.  Way too often, people forget to say how others and their intrusion into their lives have been helpful to them.  I do not want to be one of them and I believe it's an appropriate time in my life to share with them who I am today, with a past, a present and prospects.

Also, I think that at times people do not realise how they've been precious and helpful to someone.  I feel the best way I could thank them is by expressing what they mean to me and what they have brought into my life.

Basically, I intend completing writing them by the end of this week.  Then, start my quest to find the lost ones, meet the ones I can meet, e-mail the ones abroad and manage convey my message of thanks to all of them by the end of 2009.  Actually latest date to complete this step of the finalisation process is the third of January 2010.

Here I go with my feather pen by candlelight!