25 septembre 2009

Should we move to the moon?

It is now confirmed and official, there are water molecules on the moon!  So, I am not such of an expert to be able to explain it all to you, and that is not my goal.  However, if you want to check the news in an article I found easy to understand and pretty explicit click here...

We all understand that, at a time where the NASA has already planned a special spacial program on the moon for plants to produce oxygen in some closed area for humans to breathe, this discovery (which already was an assumption) is of a significant importance.  We are in an era where the great thinkers of Ted are increasingly talking of having people to live on the moon.

For some, it would be a solution to the overpopulation, to others to the doomsday or natural calamities caused by the Global Warming.  It would be some way to move part of the population to the Earth's satellite and help in saving lives.

This is how the main ideology goes.  Well, there are those to say that these ideas are but a dream - the very same, according to me, who jailed Galileo Galilei or more recently, laughed at the possible existence of a mobile phone!

So, I won't spend my time talking about its plausibility, to me, it will happen.  The only mystery is when, how and in which exact circumstances.  However, my worry about it all is 'the other side of technology' apprehension.  We have not forgotten that Global Warming finds it source in the amazing technological development brought by the human intellect.  This is the cause for some types of cancers too - have they not been caused by technology, they have become recurrent because of them.

I feel we are continuously moving towards some progress which is not sustainable simply to escape - as repairing is not an option in the short-term unfortunately - from the troubles caused by technology itself.  We are busy trying to get out of the atrocious situation into which we have put ourselves by bringing us other problems.  Wouldn't  it be better to focus on ensuring that 'moving to the moon' would be less destructive as possible?

That's just my belief...


Photo: 1. www.timesonline.co.uk , 2. www.sawfnews.com