01 septembre 2009

Hot iPhones freaking me out!

You must have all heard and read about iPhones exploding since a few weeks. This is totally freaking me out!

I mean in the last case, the owner reported that the iPhone started making a hissing sound, got hotter and hotter before the screen exploded! Who would expect his/her smart, wonderful and so classy iPhone getting so rebellious - starting hissing at us and exploding in our faces getting us hurt. To some extent, it's just like stories we find in futurist novels or movies where technology takes over mankind... uhh this comparison was a bit too much right? lol

Anyway, this is really totally freaky! I tried browsing iPhone on wikipedia to see what there was about the EXPLOSIVE cases, but strictly nothing. You find that significant or not, it's the first time I saw my little wiki not being updated.

Apple admitted that iPhones were having problems as far as temperature was concerned - overheating - but I wouldn't be surprised to see them come in a few months telling us that this was a new feature on test. That is, having the iPhone exploding when unlocking or jail-breaking it! Apple is so used to updating, upgrading that this iPhone quack feature seems so weird.

Poor me got so confused as I intend having an iPhone by beginning of next year. What if my iPhone burns my HOT! face? ewwww! (ROFLMAO)


Photo: www.crunchgear.com