25 septembre 2009

Musique - Quand le folklore d'Europe me fait vibrer!

Hier soir, jeudi vingt-quatre septembre, j'ai eu l'immense plaisir d'assister à un Duo Violoncelle Accordéon.  Un duo qui se voulait être une mosaïque de cultures musicales.

Should we move to the moon?

It is now confirmed and official, there are water molecules on the moon!  So, I am not such of an expert to be able to explain it all to you, and that is not my goal.  However, if you want to check the news in an article I found easy to understand and pretty explicit click here...

20 septembre 2009

Quand nos journalistes se lâchent sur facebook!!!!!

Cela fait environ deux semaines maintenant que le départ a été donné!  Les journalistes mauriciens publient sur facebook.  A vrai dire, ils ne sont que deux visiblement pour l'instant.  Un d'eux, par contre, me semble presqu'en abuser...

18 septembre 2009

SSR's birthday, the yearly national joke!

Today, Friday 18th of September, we are celebrating the 109th birthday of late Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam in Mauritius.  As every year, since a whole week, there are short programs on the national television channels as a  tribute to him.  I thought it would my good deed for today to make clear for those whose minds have been profoundly shaped by the Mauritian political culture that this practice does not exist beyond Mauritius.....

11 septembre 2009

Facebook introduces status tagging...

Facebook introduces (this has been trending on twitter since yesterday) mentions in statuses and posts, copying the very @mentions of twitter. This will definitely not change the Facebook world but with time though it will bring a certain plus in the way people use Facebook...

09 septembre 2009

The school of the future!!! - Ron Clark Academy

Two weeks ago, I discovered this wonderful extraordinary school on television. It was hard for me to believe what I had in front of the eyes. Actually, the Ron Clark Academy is not only a different school but definitely THE school of the future.....

05 septembre 2009

Project Star - que le meilleur gagne ...ou pas!

Project Star! Les auditeurs de Radio One n'ont pu passer à côté de ce jingle ces dernières semaines ou des différentes performances parfois bleues des candidats. A vrai dire, tout mauricien ayant contact avec le monde extérieur doit avoir entendu parler de Project Star, car on n'échappe pas à la Sentinelle en ce qui concerne les médias à l'île maurice.

01 septembre 2009

Hot iPhones freaking me out!

You must have all heard and read about iPhones exploding since a few weeks. This is totally freaking me out!