23 août 2009

HealthCare Services - H1N1 crisis!

H1N1 flu has been attacking Mauritians and Health care services are being totally overwhelmed, as strictly no preparation has been made though we all knew we were to be hit by this freaky virus sooner or later.

While the Minister of Health, Dr. Jeetah says he has to 'shorten' his meetings as he has got way too many, with the ones with the Prime Minister on priority list, it seems to us that he lacks either time, skills or experience for he is not communicating at all. He is certainly less present than the Minister of Education and Human Resources to reassure us.....

I personally believe that in such circumstances, Hon. Minister Jeetah should be the one to lead our country - the one coordinating all ministries and liaising with the prime minister to get us out of this crisis, just as Minister Sithanen did in times of emerging financial crisis. But, I'm not his advisor and it seems pretty clear by now that his advisors and I have very different perspectives on Public Relations.

At this very time of Minister-population absence, we know of a great personnel crisis in public health care services. Hospitals are being overcrowded and people suffering of (minor) diseases are being kicked out, sent home with antibiotics though they are suffering of some virus.

There is a lack of personnel to deal with the booming flu cases. Retired nurses and doctors are being called to attend to these for a special allowance. However, I feel it would be surprising to find many volunteering to attend to H1N1 flu cases after observing that our people of Health care SERVICES are not really devoted to their work.

In fact, a bunch of nurses together with their trade unions have threatened to stop working (i.e. attending to the H1N1 infected population) as they feel pretty much at risk and fear contamination, their fear for their lives! Oh My God! A nurse will be in contact with some dangerous viruses in her doing her job! What a traumatising fact!!! Wait... I would have totally understood them if they were arguing that they were working in not hygienic enough conditions and do not have the required protective equipment and clothes. The Public Health Care Services trade unions are NOT arguing that at all, they are simply stating that their job is one at risk in such a situation and that is why they would stop working (unless they have a salary increment most probably).

Ok, let us digest...if you can't, let me digest it for you: we had the well-reputed police services for escaping all situations where they would have to confront risky/perilous situations. We know it of circumstances being told to us and of a video which has gone throughout the MauritianWeb - if you haven't watched it yet, click here. The public services ensuring our security and maintenance of law and order in the island judge it better not to do what they have been trained for and are paid for to secure their ego lives. Now, the public services ensuring our health also seem t have judged that they cannot do what they have been trained for and what they are paid for to secure their purse lives.

What's next? Will the firemen refuse to enter a house in fire as it endangers their lives to be in touch with fire...? We are in a totally selfish and absurd situation which gets me sick!

Dear Minister Jeetah, instead of only juggling with meetings, why not go see what is happening with your (emotionally sick) personnel? And please be present in the Media and tell us what you are doing/planning to do for us!


Photo: www.thebestga.com