26 août 2009

La guerre 'communale' qui se joue sur nos murs

Cette réflexion m'est venue alors que je me trouvais sous un abribus ayant sous mes yeux une affligeante guerre 'religieuse'. En fait, entre les "om shivaya", "Jesus revient", "lascar power" et autres, je réalisai qu'il y avait un mur!

23 août 2009

HealthCare Services - H1N1 crisis!

H1N1 flu has been attacking Mauritians and Health care services are being totally overwhelmed, as strictly no preparation has been made though we all knew we were to be hit by this freaky virus sooner or later.

21 août 2009

My 'H1N1 flu in Mauritius' movie review...

It's been a few days now that THE HOT! topic, the hot word is H1N1 in Mauritius. The flu entered our midst at the very moment it is spreading in the poorer countries of the World.