08 juillet 2009

This is it...

This is it...Michael is no more since June 25 2009 and today, the World has officially and universally made the greatest tribute ever to Michael Jackson through the memorial ceremony at the Staple Center where Michael had been rehearsing only two weeks ago.

Many things have been said tonight, some a bit too late maybe. I personally believe that this World-wide demonstration of love would have been much more profitable to MJ had it been made to him when he was still alive. It is the best reward, he could have received - people showing him they love him after all what had been said and what had happen.

Tonight, was a very intense, moving and deep memorial ceremony, of which I selected a moment which I think was the most intense and significant. This is it - Paris, Michael's daughter few words so deep of meaning to her father and to the bunch of haters.
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The creepy weirdo MJ, whom was thought to ill-treat his kids, whom many have said to be having a negative influence on his kids has been praised by the innocence and truth of Paris. This is it - indeed, we have seen it, we heard it, as any child would have put it of a loving parent: "daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine".

It does not seem we need to worry for the children, they seem pretty safe and emotionally secure with the Jackson troupe.

This is it, we love you Michael